Why don’t you come to Yatsugatake?

Let’s enjoy Yatsugatake!

Yatsugatake is a mountain area which accross Nagano and Yamanashi prefecture. It is easy to access from Tokyo area (just 2-hours eather by trains or driving).

Yatsugatake is a famous resort area in Japan and you will have an exciting experience at here. Why don’t you come to Yatsugatake?

Yatsugatake mountains is located at a central area of Japan. It takes only 2-hours from Tokyo.

Yatsugatake, a beautiful nature area

Yatsugatake is well known as trecking area. You can select various level of trecking here. You can see beautiful 360° panoramic view with just a few hours hiking. Or you can try even mulitple days hiking, if you want.


Yatsugatake is one of the best place in Japan of beautiful nature.

There are various nature scene at Yatsugatake. Flowers blooming, deep forest with moss, beautiful birch woods, wild rock mountains, lakes with autumn colors, etc..

There are many nice spots of SAKURA, cherry blossoms. One of the best3 SAKURA in Japan is at Yatsugatake area.

You can hike a beautiful moss forest. Yatsugatake is known as the top3 moss sanctuary in Japan.

You can enjoy beautiful colored leaves in autumn at Yatsugatake area.

You can enjoy snow in winter season. Skiing, Snow-hiking are major activities in witner at Yatsugatake area.

Yatsugatake, an area for culture & gourmet

Yatsugatake is also famous resort area. You can enjoy top-class Yamanashi wine, Sake and regional gourmet. The combination of Sake and Onsen (hot spring) is a major holiday course at this area.

You can feel local culture in each seasons. This is “KOINOBORI”, carp streamer to celebrate growth of children at May.

Yamanashi prefecture is well known as a good winery area. You can visit Yatsugatake area winery. And also you can try Japanese Sake at this area.

Many cafe and restaurants provide various style of gourmet. You can enjoy modern healthy menu using local ingredients. Or you can try local traditional menu as well. Both Yamanashi and Nagano are well known by their unique food culture.

You can find many nice cafe at Yatsugatake area. Let’s have a lunch at forest side terrace.

Many cafe are offering nice lunch. You can enjoy Yamanashi local foods and sophisticated cafe menu.

Recommended One-Day plan at Yatsugatake

We can offer various One-Day plans at Yatsugatake area. We can pick you up at Kobuchizawa station (Yamanashi pref.) or Kami-Suwa station (Nagano pref.). You can enjoy One-day leasure at Yatsugatake area. And will be back to Tokyo in same day.

  • Suwa, Onsen, Sake and Shrine
  • One-Day Hiking at Yatsugatake area (Mt. Nyukasa-yama, Mt. Meshimori-yama)
  • Hike & Cafe at Yatsugatake
  • Jomon, the ancient culture at Yatsugatake

(Sorry! TMR’s One-Day plan is under preparation)

How-to-Access to Yatsugatake

By Train (recommended)

The super express “AZUSA” is the best way to come to Yatsugatake area. All seats of “AZUSA” are required to reserve. You can book the seats at JR train stations or on the web site of JR-East.

The fare including seats reservation from SHINJUKU to KOBUCHIZAWA is JPY 5,320 (fare JPY 3,080 + seats reservation JPY 2,240).

“AZUSA” runs approx. every 60 minutes or 30 minutes in week-end.

The super express “AZUSA”. It takes you to KOBUCHIZAWA station (Yatsugatake area) from SHINJUKU (Tokyo) with approx. 2 hours.

By Driving

Driving in Japan requires the international license. You can take Chuo-Expressway to Yatsugatake area. KOBUCHIZAWA interchange is easy to access the area.

However, you will have a traffic jam at Chuo-Expressway especially at week-end or holidays. I strongly recommed to take a train rather than driving.